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  • Panasonic focuses on high performance

Panasonic focuses on high performance

The St. Jakob athletics stadium in Basel, Switzerland, is at the cutting edge of security technology thanks to Panasonic video surveillance.

The expectations in Basel are high — not only for the football club, but also for the security of the new athletics stadium. The customer chose Panasonic  in a demanding environment due to its excellent quality, many years of experience, and optimum price-performance ratio.

During construction of the St. Jakob athletics stadium in the 1980s, the creation of a grandstand building with infrastructure was postponed indefinitely for cost reasons. The decision was then taken by the Cantonal Parliament in April 2013 to make the new building a reality, start of construction followed in January 2014. The new building, which meets the demand for 480 covered seats, an IT room and also provides the 42 cloakrooms that had been previously lacking, was completed in May 2015. The building meets the spatial requirements for track and field as well as for football matches of the first division of the Swiss Football Association. 


No easy task

The requirements for the new building were:

  • "Seamless" video surveillance with high-resolution images that meet the requirements of a National League, a football stadium, more precisely the requirements of the Swiss Football Association and security organisations
  • That the surveillance system is also able to meet the demands of other events such as athletics, concerts, etc.
  • That the building surveillance can meet the security needs of athletes (theft, personal protection) and the building (vandalism) when the facilities are being used by schools and clubs
  • That the camera technology fits into the architectural design (cameras should be discreet) 
  • That the system could be operated from two locations (surveillance during events from the Event Office and during school/club sport sessions from the Groundskeeper Office)

Furthermore, the possibility to expand the entire video surveillance system, i.e. the software and hardware, at a later date was a must. It should also be possible to replace the analogue video surveillance systems in the other areas of the St. Jakob sports facilities with an IP video surveillance system, which requires bundling the video surveillance systems in a central system and results in a software and hardware expansion. 


Big line-up for high demands

Panasonic has a large selection of video surveillance cameras and recorders as well as advanced analytics software. Panasonic’s IP Security Solutions bring the latest technology and a wealth of innovative features to any number of security applications. From network cameras, equipped for cutting-edge face detection and 360-degree coverage, to high-performing Full HD network video recorders, as well as network encoders and decoders. Future viability is a key aspect in the development of the entire IP product range. It is ONVIF compliant, providing speed, information, versatility and reliability where it is most needed. In addition, Panasonic cameras are design-oriented and fit discreetly into any environment.

Various IP cameras were used in the case of the St. Jakob athletics stadium. A conscious decision was made to use pivotable fixed dome IP cameras (PTZ) for the seated and standing grandstands. These cameras deliver images in Full HD quality, are embedded in a vandal-resistant housing, and can be controlled by the user at various operating points, which enables precise analyses of incidents if necessary. With a 30x optical zoom in Full HD quality resolution, fog compensation, rain-repellent coating and advanced auto tracking, this camera provides perfect images even in bad weather and darkness. 

Automatic face recognition

Furthermore, the camera uses face recognition to adjust the focus so that a person in shot is detected and it is able to trigger an alarm when coupled with a Panasonic recorder. 

Using only 32 cameras in total, the grandstand building, the building exterior, the seated and standing grandstands and the grounds are securely and reliably monitored on three levels (basement, ground floor, first floor) at the site in Basel.


Everything from a single source

Recorders and controllers

To make operation of the system as simple as possible, two operating rooms were built. The site can be monitored from the Event Office on 2x 42" and 2x 27" screens. The Groundskeeper Office is equipped with two small screens, a keyboard, a mouse and a joystick to control the cameras (just as in the Event Office). Two network disk recorders were installed, each expandable upto 32 channels if plans are made to expand the system. 

Live recordings and recording in real-time (30 fps) are possible on all channels. The cameras are easy to use and enable live surveillance in different display modes: Spot, Multiscreen or Fullscreen as well as quick, intuitive browsing of recordings using a calendar and timeline. 

Management software

In addition to cameras, Panasonic also offers management software that is suitable for connecting network cameras, analog recorders and network recorders in different locations. The software provides a virtual matrix for IP surveillance systems, enabling the use of multiple monitors and the receipt of alarm messages from remote locations over a common network. Since live images are delivered directly from the cameras or via the recorders, the network can be made very flexible. Through the individual configuration of separate monitors, the simultaneous use of live images (up to 16x split-screen format), playback (single/4x) and the site plan is possible on each individual monitor. Panasonic also offers additional features such as remote surveillance via a mobile phone using the Panasonic app or analysis tools such as people-counting or generating statistics.

The video surveillance was integrated by Rodag that is based in Zullwil. More information about the company: