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  • Video Surveillance

    True 4K Resolution Security Systems

Panasonic Security & Video Surveillance Solutions for Business

With Panasonic, you’re free to choose solutions from a full range of video surveillance products in both analogue and IP.

The portfolio includes a wide range of CCTV systems and different camera types, from IP and analogue cameras in box, bullet or dome versions, to PTZ types. As well as stand-alone analogue and IP recorders (DVR/NVR), encoders and coaxial converters – all for an easy migration from an analogue system or infrastructure to IP. In fact, with software that can manage whole systems (analogue and IP) easily, smooth transition from the analogue era to the latest IP cameras has never been easier.

Our vast range of cameras spans from small definition to 4K resolution, using the latest image quality and H.265 compression technology for the best results possible. So you can be sure of crisp, clear images in any light, any weather condition, 24/7.

And our systems are fully scalable. Everything from a few cameras to thousands of devices can be managed and adapted, for every scenario or exact customer need.

Panasonic cameras cover all different indoor and outdoor applications. Our outdoor cameras are built and designed for the toughest, most demanding environments imaginable. In fact, it’s in these extreme conditions, operating 24/7, that Panasonic cameras demonstrate unique value, and bring you the latest technology, such as:

  • Dehumidification devices for prolonged camera longevity, keeping internal moisture levels low, preventing condensation and quickly dissipating any condensation that forms
  • Anti-salt air corrosion protection – ideal for coastal operation.
  • ClearSight coating, preventing water droplets from covering the dome, ensuring the camera view remains unobstructed. In addition, the self-purification effect of hydrophilic materials eliminates dirt and dust collected on the dome cover. This coating can last up to 7 years. And for ease of installation, there’s a touchable version, too.

From a few cameras to a full system, Panasonic delivers some of the world’s most reliable security solutions. Ensuring you get the best results possible, and that those you work hard to protect enjoy the freedom to feel secure.