Mobile computing for governments and local authorities

  • Public sector administrators have jobs that can take them almost anywhere – meetings, court appearances, site surveys, press conferences, public hearings and out-of-town fact-finding missions. They may travel by car, train, ferry or plane, and their computers must be rugged enough to go with them wherever they go. While on the move, government officials and other public sector employees must remain in contact with their office, and maintain access to whatever information is relevant to the task at hand.

    Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers and Toughpad tablets are rugged and versatile enough to travel anywhere public sector personnel are likely to go. The advanced wireless capabilities of Toughbook laptops ensure that they can reach and be reached by their colleagues at any time. It also allows them to access important government files and records no matter where their job may take them. To assure even greater productivity, Toughbook laptops and Toughpad tablets have been engineered and tested to offer exceptional battery life and to withstand the daily knocks, drops and spills associated with mobile computing. These advantages result in maximum uptime for users and a superior return on investment (ROI) for government agencies.

    Building inspection solution

    Frequent and thorough inspections are vital to the safety of construction crews and the people who will eventually occupy finished buildings. Yet, the resources of many building code enforcement departments are stretched to the limits, challenging their ability to conduct inspections that could help reduce construction accidents or building disasters. Many code enforcement offices still rely on paper forms to complete inspections - an outdated process that is laborious and error-prone.

  • Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad are built to take the drops, mud, dust, rain and extreme temperatures often associated with construction sites. Panasonic and its software partners streamline the entire inspection process by enabling inspectors to use electronic data entry and wireless connectivity. With wireless remote access, inspectors can collect and organize information on their Toughbook mobile computer while still at the construction site. Electronic data entry allows inspectors to use pre-built checklists and forms to enter information simply by touching the screen. Once information from a site is gathered and organised, the inspector can transmit it wirelessly to the department's main computer, eliminating the need to manually transfer information later, while also expediting the issuing of permits and variances. Together, electronic data entry and wireless connectivity save time while reducing labour costs and clerical errors.


    The integrated WLAN and optional HSPA module make it possible to do tasks like capturing and sending digital images – even when working in challenging outdoor conditions.


    Even our smallest machines meet the challenges of field working in the public sector. Take the Toughbook ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) CF-U1. At 1,060 grams, the unit can withstand falls from 120 cm. What’s more, some of our models are up to IP65 compliant for dust and moisture resistance¹.

  • Data Protection

    As well as password utilities, BIOS Kill, TPM and a hard drive lock, Toughbook and Toughpad devices come with Recover Pro security and backup software, so your data is never at risk.

    No Power Access

    Toughbook and Toughpad devices have a newly designed battery and specially adapted power management system. This allows all-day working from a single battery charge.