Security and analytics for finance

  • Surveillance and security that protects people and assets

    The safety of customers, staff and assets is an essential part of the risk management in every financial institute. Panasonic Network Camera's distinctive quality and flexibility effectively reduce the threat of theft, harassment and violence. Surveillance cameras are commonly used to monitor and ensure appropriate operations, along with safety throughout the facility.

    The i-PRO megapixel network cameras allow precise identification of even the smallest abnormalities. Any number of premises and buildings can be monitored from your headquarters.

    When integrated with intelligent video analysis software, our security solution sounds an alarm or sends an email when unusual situations are detected. i-PRO Management Software enables remote access to video from a number of camera sites.

  • Up to 6,400 cameras can be registered to the system and 256 cameras automatically registered in the encoders. The weather resistant network cameras or cabinets allow 24 hours a day outdoor operation with built-in heater and IP66 rating. And the thermal cameras are built to operate when image capture is usually impossible.

    The intelligent approach to your finance business
    Imagine the endless possibilities that real-time HD visual feedback on your banking environment could provide. You can track the movement, behaviour and flow of customers throughout your premises, identifying pinch points, hot or cold spots, and dwell times, to better inform your layout, customer service and cost efficiency.

    You can also use visual intelligence to deliver promotions targeted at the right people, at the right time via our digital signage solutions, improving service delivery and ensuring your promotions are fully effective. You can also manage the operations of your business, monitoring queues, staffing levels, space usage and self-service areas.

  • More than security - with video analytics

    Simply seeing what’s happened isn’t enough. With our video analytics integration we can help you prevent damage. To do that, we build in a variety of features that help interpret video footage and inform you when the unexpected occurs.

    As an example, our facial recognition means that unwanted people can be identified and prevented from accessing your premises. Equally, people counting, and age and gender statistics can help you understand who is currently in your facility and identify when they’re in unauthorised areas.

    • Face detection
      Helps you to remove unwanted people from your premises.
    • Age and gender recognition
      Allows you to identify and remove unwanted people in unauthorised areas.
    • Movement detection
      Alerts you to any people in unauthorised areas.
    • Removed objects
      Reduces theft through visual records of where assets were prior to removal.
    • Illegal parking
      Car number plate recognition helps you to identify unregistered cars in parking bays.