Telecommunication for public sector

  • Panasonic unified communication solutions come with an exciting array of business intelligent features and applications specifically designed to enhance your operations and improve the customer experience.

    Panasonic provides solutions for:

    • Single or multi-site offices
    • Staff working at home or on the road
    • Out of hours call handling and availability
    • Flexible, cost effective solutions to improve your lead-sales ratio

    With the Panasonic solution for public administration it’s easy to setup and manage a small call centre solution, providing advanced call handling solutions for all calls arriving from customers. Local council business is often a mobile business and staff can be part of the team wherever they might be, in the office, with customers, or travelling to a different office.

    Improving communications with your customers is the key to success, and Panasonic unified communication solutions are designed to do just that, and much more. With solutions for dedicated call operators through to advanced auto-attendant solutions, Panasonic solutions have the tools you need for success.

  • Never miss a call

    Built-in auto attendant makes sure that callers are never kept waiting during busy periods. Auto attendant provides them with easy-to-use voice responses to guide them directly to the required department and staff members, wherever they might be, saving time and money and allowing staff to focus on other customers in the office. For the extra busy and out-of-office periods, individual voicemail for all staff ensures all early or late callers can leave appropriate messages.

    Save money and reduce costs

    Looking to replace an existing solution? Panasonic systems work with a wide range of IP and digital handset devices, and support migration for four generations of handsets, including basic industry standard analogue. Panasonic solutions are very efficient in power consumption, some consuming over 54% less than previous generations of products.

    Stay in touch

    Mobile phones are an essential part of local council business, ensuring that staff never miss calls. Panasonic solutions allow all calls to be handled from your desk, or mobile phones with the same number, with no need to offer multiple numbers. Need mobility in the office without using a mobile phone? Panasonic offers a range of DECT wireless handsets that work well within and around your premises, again keeping just one number for immediate access for all staff and customers alike.

  • Working at remote or home offices

    Need staff to work at home? Panasonic solutions allow the same business class telephones and features to work at home seamlessly, integrating the phone and your PC over broadband networks, meaning that staff have access to all the same services and level of contact.

    Panasonic public administration solutions

    • Cost-effective solution for small, medium or multi-site offices
    • Support for a range of wired, wireless and mobile telephones.
    • Connectivity with a range of customer contact solutions
    • Solutions designed to put your customer first