• Indoor System On Chip Displays

Indoor System On Chip Displays

Panasonic offers a comprehensive range of professional displays, giving solutions to the visual needs of a number of industries, from retail stores and shopping centres to hotel receptions and airports. Each of our models offer a wide viewing angle for high visibility, sleek design that saves space, and clever displays that can adapt to the lighting environment of its location.

A cost-effective and self-contained solution for high-impact digital signage

Incorporating a System on a Chip, the OpenPort PLATFORM™ display series is designed for commercial signage applications. Simple, reliable, and expandable AF1 Series features an Android™ and HTML5-based open source platform and is equipped with a 1GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage. It substitutes expensive external ‘Wintel’ systems which also require cabling, additional mounts and installation.

The AF1 Series is Google certified, which allows software companies to create specialised apps for digital signage and other applications. Verified apps can be installed remotely from the Panasonic app server or added locally using a USB or micro SD Cards.

Ideal for:

  • Public information display
  • Store signage